'Isolation body was kicking in around 9 weeks ago so I decided to do something about it. I had put on around 5kg and was feeling sluggish and lazy. After stumbling across an 8 week challenge consisting of exercises you can complete at home without equipment ( Alyssa Higham 8 week challenge) I thought why not give it a go, it can only go up from here. 8 weeks of “I’ll give it a go” turned into 8 weeks of dedication to my training, workouts, running and tracking my eating. 8 weeks later I’ve lost the 5kg I put on and am now continuing to strength my body and mind. I am so proud and grateful of how far I have come!'

Chelsey Before & After


'So happy! I love how I can modify each exercise due to my back injury, and the quick & cheap recipes have helped so much! Also, Alyssa is so lovely and clearly passionate about what she does :)'


'So far I have found these workouts really beneficial with easy to understand exercises. Great to have everything in the one place too!!'


'This program has helped me so much in iso! I feel like motivated self again! The weekly rhythm check is the best idea, gives me something to accomplish each day! Have recommended this program to so many people, I love it!!'


'I’m 4 weeks into this program and loving it already! I was really struggling trying to get my motivation back and I stumbled across Alyssas program and loved the look of it! Obviously purchased and haven’t regretted it! It’s bringing back the old fit me that I had lost! Thank you Alyssa for your amazing program!'


'I find it hard to get motivation back once I’ve lost it so I’m surprised I’ve been able to stick with this. Alyssa is there every step of the way which makes it so much easier too. I can’t fault this e-book, I’m loving it and would definitely recommend☺️'


'What I love the most about HIT FROM HOME is how approachable Alyssa is, I feel comfortable asking her questions & she always gets back to me ASAP. She has created such an affordable programme and is super motivating. Would 100% recommend her e-book to anyone.'


'An inspiring back story as to why Alyssa started this program and a very helpful guide in a daily exercise routine. This program and Alyssa herself have inspired me to push myself more everyday with incredible workouts & great food ideas!
So proud of you, you’re smashing goals ❤️'


'Just purchased this amazing program. Alyssa has put so much detail into this whole program to ensure everybody gets results. The program suits everyone whether you’re beginner or advanced. The progress photos from the start and the end will defiantly keep me motivated. The detail throughout the entire program is incredible ! I can’t wait to try out the meal options and start the 8 week challenge!!'